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ALZA CARONTE’s new video is a total delight

Dianadea was founded in 2018 by Lord Yshua with the aim of combining native/folk themes with music that blends a shamanic/folk base with experimental elements such as synth, drone, trance and psychedelia.

The group’s name is derived from the words ‘diana’ and ‘deva’, which in Sanskrit means ‘heavenly beings”.

In 2019, the artist Santamaria, released a new work titled “SANTA DJANARA,” a project which is entirely based on the local figure of the Janara.

In particular, the project was made through Santamaria’s study of Piperno’s “del superstizioso noce” and very specific translations.

The work of composer, includes folk instruments (shaman drums, stones, cymbals, castanets) as well as synths and multiform vocals accompanied exclusively by the bass. His work aims to create a dialogue between the past and the future. He is often described as a “musical scientist” because his music experiments with different concepts and ideas. He believes that art should be about experimentations with new sounds which changes how we perceive reality.

O SARAI RIBELLE O NON SARAI translates to “You shall be the rebel or you shall not be at all” in English. The project is based on a controversial French poem by Charles Boudelaire and includes over 100 bands, with a song based on the lyrics of the poem. One of the participating bands, Dianadea, recorded a minimalist acoustic-only piece to accompany their contribution.

Typically, music can be seen to represent something else – different moods, emotions, or thoughts. Porta Inferi takes its inspiration from the dark, complex, multicoloured themes to base its composition exclusively on the hyper distorted electric bass. This instrument is understood as the need to express a magmatic, compressed, barely audible sound – the need to express the suppressed hunger for noise that pervades our society.

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