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Electro-Punk band Kid Knorke & Betty Bluescreen is on the scene

Kid Knorke Betty Bluescreen

On the run from the banality of everyday life, between glowing disco balls and with booming electronic sounds Kid Knorke & Betty Bluescreen The German electro-punk band from Pinneberg performs wearing glowing spacesuits. uses a self-made laser gun and sound from synthesizers, drum machines, Gameboy and their vocals made the crowd dance.

Released 26.12.2021

“Im Windschatten des Meteors”

on vinyl, in which the two present a broad spectrum

electronic music genres

(8bit, EBM, synth, electro-punk)

Kid Knorke has been travelling alone for around six years, played in various states and clubs, including the Eureka Festival, tiny festivals and clubs 2018 with the Album “Highscorefetisch”. The intergalactic Betty Blaxscreen on board and the two could already record smaller live and Streaming concerts play and there were a few sampler contributions.

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