LUIN – “Undead” EP

LUIN -“Undead”
The Undead EP includes the title track Undead, which speaks of the gray, misty emptiness of depression, a synth-heavy junkyard rework of Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and reworks of Undead in the form of a stompy dance remix by DJ Sawtooth of Lowell, MA, and an unplugged version by Luin herself. This collection of songs represents the full spectrum of the introspective and lonely Luin sound, from oppressive, thick and damaged, to driving, confident and bright.

Luin is a transgender singer, songwriter and producer born and raised just outside of Seattle. Luin weaves the background noise of her childhood with her love of darkwave, industrial, electronic rock and witch house to create emotional, driving tracks about the dark and lonely places we wish we didn’t have to know so well. Luin faces transphobes and her inner demons with a microphone, synths and pedalboard in her combat boots and floral print dress.

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