Tragedy of Mine are back with new single & video “Evolution”!

The first single, “Evolution” from the upcoming album of Tragedy Of Mine, sets things straight: it will become heavy, melodic, dark, and gloomy, mixing aggressive growls with melodic choruses.

The band revealed this in an interview with Alternative Press. They also said that They feel like this album is their best yet.

Tragedy Of Mine released their new single “Evolution” on August 24th to critical acclaim.




Their music is aggressive but catchy. Thoughtful lyrics are both introspective and thought-provoking.

Their style is unique, yet their sound has been compared to other bands.

Lyrically, Tragedy Of Mine often tackles topics of mental health, drug abuse, death, suicide, and much more.
They are not afraid to tackle difficult topics in an effort to educate the listener on these issues that are exceedingly prevalent in our society today.


Steffen Bunke – Vocals
Victor Vu – Guitar
Jacob Stupp – Guitar
Franz Niermann – Bass
Marius Luersen – Drums
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