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Flatlines Radio – Gothic Webradio Station and Magazine

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Risen from The Grave, the online gothic music magazine, is the only site you need for new gothic music. Listen to the best of gothic, ebm, Darkwave, Industrial, Post-PUNK, PUNK, neofolk and more on FlatlinesRadio, the finest Dark music webradio station. Tune in for the best of Black metal, Doom, Death metal and more.

Flatlines Radio is a webradio station that broadcasts music from the genres of postpunk, gothic, Industrial, ebm, neofolk and PUNK. They also broadcast medieval, Post-PUNK and Post-Industrial music as well as various artists who create music in these styles. The station hopes to find new musicians by inviting them to send Their work.

Flatlines Radio offers listeners an eclectic mix of songs that are often hard to find elsewhere. The station airs songs by indie, gothic, postpunk, indiustrial, ebm, neofolk, PUNK, and medieval artists. Flatlines Radio can be accessed through almost any web browser or device with an internet connection.

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