Hear Us Out: FACE THE LEGACY’s great Second Single Released

hear us out: face the legacy's great second single released

Face The Legacy is a Finnish rock band from Jyväskylä, Finland.

They started as a hard rock band, but over the years They sculpted into a mix of heavier riffing with melodic leads – inspired from the ’80s sound. Their latest Single, “Hear Us Out”, is a testament to their ability to combine old and new sounds. In addition, the album’s song titles are all rooted in the theme of extreme belief.

Face the Legacy is a four-member rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Since releasing their first single "Ashes on the Ground" in July 2021, the band has toured extensively, including performances in more than 60 gigs and on Finnish tours. The band's name comes from the idea that every person inherits both good and bad side of their family heritage - but it is up to them to decide which side They face.

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