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MOONSHINE OVERSIGHT’s new single is a tearful anthem for the hopeless

Moonshine Oversight will release the second song from their upcoming concept album “The Frame” under the title of Tear Factory.
This song is about a system described throughout The Group, where bodies and souls are broken down in order to sustain it.

Tear Factory is the second song from Moonshine Oversight’s upcoming concept album “The Frame”. The song is about a system, described throughout the album, where bodies and souls are neatly packed away in frames. The factory is where these frames are constructed, and tear factory tells the story of a soul that has just been built into a frame.

Moonshine Oversight are: Julien PIVI : Lead Vocals, Guitar Julien VENTURA : Lead Guitar, Back Vocals Florent BAZZANO : Bass Francois MAYER : Drums, Back Vocals Written by: Julien PIVI and Julien Ventura Composed By: Julien PIVI, Julien VENTURA, Florent BAZZANO, and François MAYER Produced, engineered and mixed by Jonathan Mazzeo at The Grid Europe Assistant tracking and mixing by Stefano Tocci at The Grid Europe Mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid Video by: Estublier Production Photography: Allan Xavier Affonso Artwork by VilKO-yote… Wormholedeath : Subscribe to #WormHoleDeath YouTube channel: ©2021 Carlo Bellotti Publishing


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