The new single for 2022 from Dronningen // electro-pop rock – out now!

Let nothing stand in the way of your personal journey! Dance as you heal, heal as you dance! Be your own king or queen!

In celebrating their triplicity, DRONNINGEN welcomes each and all to come and improve their lives in the process.

At the center of this manifesto is the concept of rejection of all pessimism. Instead, to embrace their inherent creativity and the cathartic inspiration of ancient traditions and primal instincts to be free to define themselves and embrace who they are. this approach allows them to connect with their audience the way few others do.

DRONNINGEN is the creation of Beatrice Bonnano (vocals/guitar) and Vito Cerasia (lead guitar), both originally from Italy who met in South-East London in 2014, where they are still based. Since uniting their energy, craft and imagination, the duo has bred an electro-pop/rock fuelled sound which has been eagerly welcomed around the globe, the pair playing numerous festivals and TV shows in the likes of the UK, Sweden, France and India.

The twosome has since its first year and persistently evolves by releasing the ‘Carry on Dancing’ EP imaginatively fertile imagination.

Since releasing their debut EP ‘Carry on Dancing,’ the twosome has continually evolved their music and its imagination. this pair of pop/rock duo’s music has a richness and creativity which challenge the simple electro-pop/rock tag. It has an energy and a fickle imagination which captivates the audience and manipulates them to unshackle inhibitions and release suppressed instincts. It also bears a snarl of its own, led by fuzzy guitars which ignite it

Insatiably uncaging high-energy temptation and devilish incitement, DRONNINGEN’s sound has similarly marked out the band’s inimitable live shows, their inescapable spirit enlivening voracity matched across acclaimed releases such as 2016’s ‘Royal Riot’ EP and its successor the following year, the ‘Sugarbox’ EP.

Now as evolution continues to spark greater passion and invention, DRONNINGEN uncage new single ‘Theatrical Love’, a song which burrows deep, strings limbs like a puppeteer and contagiously roars with ravening uniqueness.

It is typical individual DRONNINGEN and equally another atypical incitement for the world from Beatrice and Vito, an invitation to proudly uncage the real you, to chase off the negative and cynical, and DANCE!

“White Saliva” by Dronningen Live @ The Monarch, Camden (London) – 27/10/2016. Footage by David Evans, Ben Ogunbiyi and Izzy Fewing.




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