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Loose Sutures: A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales

It’s no secret that many of my favourite bands come from the garage rock and stoner rock genres like Loose Sutures.

So when I hear a band described with a combination of adjectives such as ‘garage’, ‘fuzz’ and ‘stoner’, I’m immediately intrigued. As a long-time fan of both garage rock/garage punk and stoner rock, I’m happy to report that Loose Sutures new album is pure gold.

How do you go about smashing together two groups that rose to prominence in different parts of the ’60s and ’70s? It’s an interesting idea, but one that I’m not sure really needs to be done. The obvious answer is that it would create a mess- only one could rise to the top, and quite frankly, Black Sabbath has been around long enough to deserve to call dibs on more time on the podium.

Do you know what they say about Italians? That they are passionate, fiery people who love passionately and with abandon. Well, Loose Sutures from Sardinia, Italy evidently think the same way. The band describes themselves as ‘hard-stoner rock with a pinch of garage spirit’ and ‘a modern punk attitude.

A Gash With Sharp Teeth And Other Tales is Loose Sutures second full length, and it’s most certainly a fuzzed-out, rockin’ good time. The album consists of 10 songs that are an eclectic mix of instrumental and vocal tracks. This collection of tunes will have you swaying your head to the beat with a smile on your face.

If you’ve been listening to the radio recently, chances are that you’ve heard a song by Loose Sutures. Their particular brand of lo-fi, grimy rock often invokes thoughts of the trippy and heavy sounds of bands like Queens of the Stone Age.

Loose Sutures has been on heavy rotation since I received Their promo to absorb.

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70’s rock, fuzz garage, heavy, heavy-psych, psych, psychedelic rock, rock, stoner, stoner-rock, Italy

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