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7 Rainbows in Exile releases debut album, ‘Twilight Gymnastics’

Twilight Gymnastics is a new album that will be released November 12

Shortly after releasing their acclaimed 2-track EP, 7 Rainbows in Exile presents the debut full-length material containing eight new compositions including updated versions of the tracks from the previous promotion. The group consists of Dancing Shade and Production assistance – Livius Pavlov (Napred u Prošlost).

It’s been a long wait, but Twilight Gymnastics will be released on November 12 via Wave Records. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this album since they heard the first two-track EP  “Double​-​horned” in early 2020. 


"Twilight Gymnastics is a concept album composed primarily of my conversations with an entity called
"Double-horned". It is a character spiritually marked with two pairs of horns, the first pointed against the
outside world while the second goes to it's inner reality.
Through various states and situations we face each other in themes of hope, infatuation, masochism,
passion, sex, denial, breakdown, lunacy, aesthetics, loneliness and phantasm, each seeking it's own
meaning in the present contemporary age.
Most of the album was recorded in the first half of 2020 during the spring lock-down in Serbia so it comes
natural that these circumstances had a significant impact on the album's overall

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