This November Storm Seeker is finally releasing their long awaited acoustic album

Storm Seekers and Shanties: A new Folk and Swingy Acoustic Design

Ever since the band started to release the first acoustic versions of their songs as session videos on YouTube, their fans were desperately hoping for more. As a way to thank everyone for supporting them, they decided to release a full album of these stripped down acoustic recordings and this new album is just as good as their original albums.

Heroic, iconic, and beloved Storm Seeker classics are coming back for a one-time tour across the country. Every city will get to see their old favorites in an acoustic style with folky trimmings. The date of this event is November 26th. Some new additions of shanties that will knock you off your feet are also in the works. I think that these songs should be performed in front of all their fans for one last time.

On November 26th, the time has come for some beloved Storm Seeker classics in a totally new Folk and swingy acoustic design, as well as some new additions of traditional shanties that'll knock you off your feet.
It's been a while since we've heard from the Storm Seekers, but they're back with their newest album. If you were a fan of their previous work, don't worry--you won't be disappointed.

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