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I Ya Toyah is a Stabbing Westward superfan Industrial Remix

The industrial Stabbing Westward’s goth remix of I Ya Toyah “Pray” is just the track for any dark club scene. With its feverish groove and vehement tone, this song just can’t go unignored.

This remix will bring some serious energy into the scene, with its relentless beat that builds until it explodes into a flurry of factory sounds. The slow build will have you anticipating the moment when everything falls apart.

I Ya Toyah has a personal connection with Stabbing Westward. I discovered them with “Save Yourself” when I was growing up, living in my native country, Poland. They have been my musical heroes since. In addition to the meaning that their songs hold for me, they also have a lot of political relevance in our present-day world of fear and aggression.


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