LISA PUNG is the new electronic music sensation

LISA PUNG, a French DIY-ELECTRO-FREAKS project, created by SANDIE TRASH & CHÖD, is releasing a new single electronic music FOXY DISCO CRASH on DIVAMANIA RECORDS [BERLIN] on October 18th.

LISA PUNG is an electronic experimental pop band that merges intense and intense rhythms with catchy melodies and lyrics that oscillate between the dark and the light.

As the world becomes more connected, the lines between countries and cultures are blurred. Collaborations can happen with people who are thousands of miles away with just one click of a button.

In a world where genres of music are constantly evolving and exposing new trends, LISA PUNG has redefined the sound of pop- indie with her newest album. The title track, F.D.C., is a riot of synthesizers and pulsing beats that will not disappoint anyone searching for a future-pop vibe this autumn.

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