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WEIRD WOLVES ink worldwide deal with Out Of Line Music

Many musicians these days are trying to do something different than the norm, but few achieve this as successfully as US-based duo Weird Wolves.

The band is centred around Ava Gore and Raphael Colantonio. Ava is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist who is also in charge of recording, mixing, producing, and mastering all their records.

Other than his famous work for Arkane Studios, Raphael is also the founder behind the company Arkane Studios. Raphael has many backgrounds in highly musically career-defining roles. His most recent work spawning from this studio is Dishonored and Prey. The game developers and writers at Arkane Studios are responsible for a lot of modern-day gaming hits like: “Dishonored,” “Prey,” and “Deus Ex.

The duo is down to conquer the world with their unique strapped-up mixture of electro and rock. Take a seat and journey through the song “Overdrive” which explores one of the tragedies of the human condition. The lyrics,  speak volumes about how we as humans may never escape from our own personal battles that can lead to self-destruction or too much negativity.

Ava Gore & Raphael Colantonio are WEIRD WOLVES – a Hybrid of Electronic & rock Music, refined with Postpunk influences. with their single OVERDRIVE this fascinating duo is giving their debut on Out Of Line Music – Welcome to the Family!
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Overdrive is performed and written by WeirdWolves and produced by Battle Tapes Video shot and edited by Erik Gustafson Cinematography (
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