Das Wrack to release first Synthpunk vinyl release

A new heavy outfit from Austria is taking over the scene with its debut album.

Das Wrack was founded in Salzburg in 2017 at the beginning of the year and was initially a one-concert project.

Now, they have two tape releases in nice short editions.

Furthermore, they are currently on tour with Nichts!, Front, Alter Egon, HC Baxxter or Björn Peng with more concerts to come.

In a world that is increasingly digital and commercialized, many people question what it means to be punk.

The true meaning of punk has been lost over the years and the originator of the movement, Johnny Rotten, once said “Punk’s not dead. It just smells funny.” Punks do not conform to society’s rules and their own vision is all that they permit themselves.

In conclusion, Das Wrack is one band worth checking out. they are releasing their first 7″ vinyl release via Off Label Records/Broken Silence on the end of August, and both tracks are worth listening to.

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