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The darkwave band, CRIMSON BRÛLÉE, just announced the release of its debut EP.


Based in New York City, the darkwave band, CRIMSON BRÛLÉE, has introduced their debut EP, Tragica. It targets the heartstrings with dark stories of loss of love and regret, as well as the frustration of feeling a lack of redemption. The music, in an effort to stop the sorrow, charts the path toward unconditional love.

It was early 2019, Billy Keith and Gustavo  were listening in the studio to tracks off their new EP at the time, “Don’t Let Go.” As they listened, the idea of incorporating keyboards into their band “The Witch-Kings” came up. The only one whose head came there mind was Nicole Eres from Gustavos first band “Bitter Grace”.

The style of the Tragica musical has been described as having a core of Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, and Depeche Mode with post-punk, darkwave elements of Joy Division and Bauhaus. Bright tunes were juxtaposed with violent, dark lyrics.

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