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Di Auger – “Brave New World” ( electro / industrial )


DI AUGER, a Canadian industrial act, has just unleashed their latest video, a commentary on world-wide geopolitical issues called “Brave New World”. The concept for the video was conceived in order to inspire people to become more informed about issues such as climate change and other various global concerns.

It’s hard to not be depressed when you’re listening to “Brave New World” by DI Auger. This song is about how humans will never stop hurting themselves and that they will always fight each other until the end of time. The message in this song is that we are one people, one race, and we exist to perpetual destroy ourselves and erase our existence from this planet.

Fighting racism, climate change, pollution, overpopulation, human rights. Where has it gotten us?  We are reliving the past here and now. The ideology is the same as are the reactions and the emotions.

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