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New Music: Tragedy Of Mine Releases Second Single

Tragedy Of Mine comments on the brand new song "Hollow" from the upcoming album "Aeon":

“What makes a Hollow? This is exactly the question we asked ourselves after thinking for a long time about how we want to portray the character with the new album. In short, a Hollow is a creature attracted to negative emotions and feelings. For our character and its story, this point is more than true. It captures these negative influences, extracts them from people, and keeps them inside.”


The first single “Evolutionfrom Tragedy Of Mine‘s upcoming album already set the path. It’s going to be heavy, melodic, dark, and gloomy, with a mix of aggressive growls and melodic choruses on the new album “Aeon“. Purposefully thinking outside the box is as much a part of Tragedy Of Mine‘s agenda as is their style, which repeatedly proves that an aggressive feel and catchy songs can pair up in the best possible way. You can stream the song here 

The masked frontman Steffen Bunke remarks about the upcoming album "Aeon": "The music we write and carry into the world has become much more mature. There is, as with the first album, a lot of tragedy and sorrow in the music. Since the last output, we have dived even deeper into the whole thematic, and we now want to share it again with other people." Some call the music of Tragedy Of Mine unusual, others experimental, "we bring people together utilizing this project, empower individuals and support our fans where we can", confirms the singer. "After the first album, many messages reached us from people that songs like ''Inferno'' and ''Prison'' have helped them get over their personal struggles. This ability to help people is something we connect with the album and carry this over and over again when we play live. That's really special to us!"

The album "Aeon" will be released on February 25, 2022, via Out Of Line Music.

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