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RETROGRATH’s third EP is a musical journey

RETROGRATH is not your average synthwave artist.

Transportation is the third EP by RETROGRATH. It has five tracks and is about different means of transportation, for both external as well as internal purposes. The music ranges from fast-paced to slower and more electronic compositions, with a variety of instruments being used throughout.

  1. Black Liquid is about the freedom of driving, and the energy we get through fossil fuels on our trips to anywhere.
  2. Human Machine is about commuting and subordination in a social system. A task we experience on a daily basis, living in bigger cities.
  3. Thin Line revolves around the big cargo ships that floats on top of the sea only carried by the water. Big heavy bodies that could sink in any minute, like to body that carry ourselves through life.
  4. Iron Grid is a collection of sonic postcards from trips done on tours and for pleasure, on the railway network that connect us all.
  5. Camino Contemplation reflects upon how walks under harder physical conditions also can be a walk on our mental roads. Inspired by a visit of the Semana Santa parades in Segovia, Spain.

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