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Massive Ego return to their synth-pop roots in new single

Modern synth-pop group Massive Ego released their newest single titled Dead Eyes Black. The song is a fierce return to a sound that the duo had only recently abandoned.

The band begins the process of writing a new album with the new members in tow. The familiar face in the form of Lloyd Price, who was an integral contributor to the sound and production of their most recent album, “Beautiful Suicide“.

The forthcoming new Massive Ego single Dead Eyes Black released on Tuesday 7th December through Out Of Line Music

The artist is known for their dark and nightmarish vision with a similarly horrific, yet nonetheless alluring aesthetic. The song is repetitive and haunting at the same time, and it will most likely scare the crap out of you.

Massive Ego begins their latest single in a similar fashion to their previous single ‘You Will Comply’ in which the artist successfully conjured up images of government control.

The band have a busy 2022 planned with a new EP landing February, alongside writing their fourth studio album, followed by a string of festival dates in Europe including Out Of Line Weekender (DE)



Marc Massive

”It’s a dark single for sure, but in some respects, it’s perfect for the festive season. Not everyone can feel joyous and live up to the expectation to have a good time, which often ends up resulting in the opposite and depression and dark thoughts can quickly take over. The song represents this, and whilst you can try and swerve a friend away from the black dog it’s often visible when looking into their eyes. You see a kind of dead and hollow blackness staring back at you ”. Marc Massive - Singer.

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