Industrial Metal Band – Decent News – Releases New Album

The brand new Industrial Metal Album "TELEVISUAL" is now available FREE on Bandcamp under the "name your own price" option.

To celebrate the band’s return, they have released a CD titled Televisual. It includes three cover songs and two new original songs. The title track, which is about television programs and news reports, features a Russian folk song and a Russian tradition.

Founded in 2016, the project’s first demo, “Decent News”, was released on October 13th, 2017.

The band has released its second single “Skin Puddle / Deafland” on December 8th, 2017. With Caleb Moore taking over vocal duties and serving as a teaser for its upcoming debut album “Filth”, the song offers an entertaining glimpse into the full potential of the project. Though raw and gritty, the songs on this release would serve as the foundation for the project and come back to life in future releases. The band took only two months to start seeing its true potential and fired off its next single “Skin Puddle / Deafland”.

This release saw the emergence of Caleb Moore taking over vocal duties and also served as a teaser for their upcoming debut album .

January of 2018 found Decent News promising a new album called Filth. they are now able to sell their product to a wider audience thanks to a record label. Their latest release is called Halogen. The band is producing a lot of music with the help of a new record label. In order to catch everyone’s attention, the band is doing a song called ‘Halogen’.

In March 2018, Decent News released their 12 track album “Filth”. Their simple art, which shows a house that’s addicted to TV, inspired them to make this album. “Filth” is a record that shows how our society is a huge prison for everyone. It’s a record that’s focused on taking away everything from us.
Decent News has no intention of leaving the subject of “Filth” alone. Instead, they’ve brought along the world’s biggest bands to remix some of their old songs for a new remix album called “Filth: Remixed”. The album releases on August 3rd via Machine Man Records.

Filth’s newest album, “Bloody Bones”, was released before their old drummer joined the band. This caused Collin to move over to bass guitar for some shows until the drummer left the band. In August of 2018, the new band members recorded the songs that Eddie and Caleb had written during the summer. In early January of 2019, Eddie and Caleb met with Filth to talk about the future. The two musicians got together to eat breakfast and catch up on each other’s lives. At the end of their breakfast, Laken became the new drummer and ready to record the new album.

In June of 2019, the young musicians released their latest single “Black Box” and “Krokodil”. Both songs were produced by Krebs, a veteran of some of their favourite bands such as Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy. The band wanted their new material to be completely unlike anything they had done before, which was why they chose to work with a seasoned producer like Michael Haggerty.

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