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J:dead feat. TeknoVore: The Mysterious Electro-tribal Project from Greece

The first single: This electro song features Jay Taylor (aka J:Dead) on guest vocals. It's a very tribal tune with drum beats, chanting, vocals, and the occasional synth.

J:Dead feat.TeknoVore is a mysterious electro-tribal project from Greece. The band released its first single „Tearing Me Apart“ featuring guest vocalist Jay Taylor (aka J:Dead). The song is a massive club tune with a great remix by the producer Ruined Conflict.

Lately, there seems to be a new indie-dance project emerging from Greece every week. But TeknoVore is different. The band is mysterious and its sound is electro-tribal. This genre might not be new to most people, but the band's style is known for being dark and entrancing.

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