The Goths // One of the greatest Gothic Bands from Brisbane //


They’ve always been one of the best goth band of all time from Australia, their music has been very popular and will forever remain so in music history.

“and now, the questions is, why did we miss that?”

When you didn’t realize The Goths existed. Listen to their music now!!

In the early 80s, two guys with acoustic guitars played gigs in Brisbane pubs.

They went home and started writing songs the next day. their original nocturnal residencies at the Bohemian Cafe became the beginning of gigs at Bertie’s Tavern and Metropolis. their original band didn’t last very long. But it gave them plenty of confidence to form a band that was made up entirely of two people. Then They started playing out at night while singing

Video link: Neck Romancer

Knowing that one half of the Gothic duo interprets and intertwines these things into their music helps provide a deeper understanding of The Goths. their songs have something to say, and knowing in where the people behind the instruments are coming from gives these messages from Goths extra impact.

If you want to hear the Gothic band, you can listen them, by checking them out on Spotify, go to their official website, and follow them on Instagram and their Facebook page. Doing this will ensure you stay up to date with everything They are doing in their world.


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