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DAY ROOM is the perfect Post-Punk escape

DAY ROOM debut just released (pre-Swan Wash project)

Two musicians, Jordan Poyner and Scott Ferguson are loading their gear into the basement for a couple of low-key writing sessions in the first weeks of 2015.
This is not surprising considering that both highly talented songwriters have been working on new material with their respective bands, Nü Youth and Genital Wound.


The Bloomington, Indiana-based duo steadily workshopped, mastering the crude interface of an Alesis SR-16 drum machine all the while, until songs heard on This debut began to emerge. with a sound conceived from acts like earlier Dead Can Dance, The Cure and Joy Division, Day Room capture a rustic thrill that’s been missing from recent music.

Our introduction paragraph starts with the premise that This is a band’s debut and sole EP, which can be seen as final evidence of an endeavour hidden from sight. Savage lead vocals, the Cure-Esque synthpop melodies, and the Prinzhorn Dance School-style drumming. It’s hard not to feel happy for DAY ROOM after they released their six-song EP to end on a positive note, but sad at the same time knowing that This might be their last release.


released September 24, 2021
Jordan Poyner – guitars
Scott Ferguson – bass/voice
Martin Sprowles – drums
Recorded in the high summer of 2017 by John Dawson at Magnetic South and the Old Mt. Gilead Church, Bloomington Indiana
Mixed by Patrick Jennings at Unseasonable Sound, except “Anxiety” and “Blinking Light” mixed by John Dawson
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago
Songs by Ferguson/Poyner
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