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Celebrating 20 Years Hardcore Punk of HFMN CREW

A group of kids from Manresa met in 2001 and organized Hardcore Punk concerts.

They called themselves and did their best to put on the best Hardcore shows possible. The people behind this organization were passionate about the scene and wanted to see others have the same opportunities they had when they were younger.
If you are interested in Hardcore music, this is a great place to start!

Release day (HFMN/Cargo; 17.12.21).

The network of punks and Hardcore enthusiasts in the centre of Catalonia, Spain has grown exponentially due to the emergence of one of the most productive and fruitful agencies within the punk rock and Hardcore scene. The agency, which began more than 20 years ago with humble beginnings, had no idea that it would end up developing into one of the most influential punk rock and Hardcore agencies in not just their own state but throughout the entire European continent.

The compilation they proudly bring us celebrates these 20 years. A glorious 20 years full of concerts, tours, laughter, trips, madness, and above all, friendships for life. The punk and Hardcore bands have shared the most intimate moments with their fans so far, with songs like ‘Via’ from Talco and ‘Patrimoni Mundial.’ from Crim. The compilation also includes some previously unreleased tracks such as ‘Sabotage,’ from Deadyard    ‘Insane,’ from Lion`s Law and ‘January’ from The Gundown.

The agency doesn’t have a specific genre, but each of the bands has something in common: their punk Hardcore rock spirit. The bands always have something to say and don’t want to conform to expectations. For this reason, they’re often seen as outsiders, challenging the status quo and resisting a society that’s getting more and more attached to being politically correct.


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