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The band And The Broken releases new EP Red

These seasoned Gargae Rock musicians are stealing the spotlight

In a world where youth is seemingly everything, it’s easy to forget that sometimes the best thing for an aging rocker is to get new blood in their tour car. In fact, aging audiences can be a boon to artists who have been around long enough to have a strong connection themselves with generations of boomers and Gen-X’ers.

The Malmö music scene is home to a burgeoning garage rock scene, but And the Broken would like to add another dimension. The recent addition to the Malmö music scene is a little older than some of the other bands in the area, and their sound is different too. Instead of delivering high-energy garage rock, sharp and - so far - short tunes that are more reminiscent of 1960s pop than anything else.

Every single one of these seasoned musicians and songwriters hailing from bands like Emerald Park, Björn’s Vänner, Golden Kanine and Chunks/God Grows His Own manages to steal the spotlight. The eclectic mix of genres covered by the artists guarantees that there is something for everyone at this year’s festival.

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