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The Goths New Song // Black Laugh // OUT NOW

The Goths Black Laugh

Their brand was unlike anything you've heard before; the goths' branding is Elizabethan. a bizarre celebration, rich in history and tradition. There are few rock bands who incorporate so many different genres into Their music. And Their sound is absolutely stunning. storytelling. Founded in 1987 in Brisbane’s darkest and most humid shadows, Their sound is a classic mix of indie rock, surf and punk. Only be described as dark and foreboding. The music is driven by passion and force, rather than refined technique. The music is gritty and direct. It's all about powerful vocals and melodies. the catharsis is wrapped in a veneer of dark instruments. They're good storytellers. Their songs combine elements of folk music, classical music, and jazz. Which classics have been written that feel fresh and nostalgic? If we want to write more serious works, we need to make use of the tools of the Gothic.

“I met a man who lived in gloom. Illumination left his room.
His hair was long, a flowing stream, caressed his skin as in a dream.
And in his eyes there was a void. This automatic, live android!
Oh and laughter was his bane. He’ll never be the same again.”

The Goths are incredible at storytelling. Many of Their songs draw from solid genres of the literary canon but are reinvented in a way that feels fresh, as well as nostalgic. This is apparent in tracks like ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Black Laugh’, reworking historical literature to bring Gothic tales into the contemporary. It’s no surprise then, that Their music is widely enjoyed. In March 2015, The Goths were awarded the Muslate Featured Artist of The Week for Their song ‘Neck Romancer’, after it reached 10 million views on YouTube. Songwriter Johnny Stowmarries has over 40 years of songwriting experience, demonstrating his trademark masterful lyricism throughout The Goths discography.

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