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Massive Ego Single “Dead Eyes Black” from the EP “The New Normal”


UK-based Electro Pop band Massive Ego is back with their second single “Dead Eyes Black” from the upcoming EP “The New Normal”.

The band returns to their synth-Pop roots for “Dead Eyes Black”, where jolting and pulsating electronics guide the listener down a solitary road of self-destruction, revisiting a familiar dark subject matter for the band, but released just before Christmas there’s no festive cheer or mulled wine to be found in Marc Massive’s lyrics on this occasion.


”It’s a dark single for sure, but in some respects, it’s perfect for the festive season. Not everyone can feel joyous and live up to the expectation to have a good time, which often ends up resulting in the opposite, and depression and dark thoughts can quickly take over. The song represents this, and whilst you can try and swerve a friend away from the black dog it’s often visible when looking into their eyes. You see a kind of dead and hollow blackness staring back at you ”. 

Marc Massive – Singer.

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