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Electroacoustical Murder: Neuf’s debut album

NEUF Debut Album

"Electroacoustic Murder" Is the long-awaited debut album from Gothenburg-based electronic trio.

NEUF is a collaboration between three talented musicians, each of whom has contributed a distinctive part to the mix. The larger-than-life vocalist Svante Englund, Max Flövik, is an internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist and composer. Jonas Kröjtz is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has released a number of solo albums.

NEUF is the coming together of three musicians who are successful in their own right, reaching into their different fields of expertise and working to create a distinct piece of music. This is set to be released on December 3rd. The music of NEUF evokes the memory of timeless, classic EBM.

Cyberpunk, industrial, and goth bands like Front 242, DAF, The Young Gods, Twice a Man, and electro-rock bands like Depeche Mode and New Order.

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