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Finally hear “Nemesis” the new Industrial album by // Null Cell


Themes on the new album range from friendly relationships turning sour with hate. Which Isabella specifically addresses on the title track. Other songs (“Dream Emulator”, “Mechanesia”) are about trying to survive in a world that is technologically advanced but lacking in human connection.

Isabella Chains is a solo artist that writes, records, and produces their music. They explore the connection between sound and emotion in order to find sonic patterns in human nature.

The industrial/electronic metal hybrid Null Cell was formed by Nebraska native Isabella Chains near the end of 2020. Fusing heavy guitar, industrial samples, and electronic beats, chains utilize her powerful vocals to bring an intense sound to the music. Chains’ lyrics are full of angst that come from both her personal experiences as well as social commentary.

When Isabella and Null Cell released their debut album, “Eternally ill” towards the end of 2020, it became a breakout hit. With its emotional lyrics and catchy tunes, “Eternally ill” quickly became the soundtrack to many people’s lives. Receiving widespread acclaim and popularity amongst fans and critics alike, “Eternally ill” is one of the best albums of this decade.

NEMESIS offers a perfect example of how the influences of cyberpunk stories can combine with the hard-hitting beats of electro-industrial and EBM music.

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