Texas-based darkwave band SEVIT have just unleashed their single & video

Sevit Dark Wave

This is a conceptual song inspired by the graphic novel and the movie, "The Crow", the character of Eric Draven and his fictional band, "Hangman's Joke". "It Can't Rain All The Time" - SEVIT

SEVIT is a five piece, darkwave act that have just released their debut album, On the Edge of a Darker Place, on all major digital retailers.

The album contains 13 tracks and an introduction to SEVIT’s sound with dramatic synth-driven instrumentals and lyrics that talk about the ups and downs of life. SEVIT is working hard to promote their new album and are collaborating with other bands to provide live performances in different states.

The Crow was a beautiful film – so much sadness and so much longing, so much heartache and everything that comes with it. It is a tragedy and the only way to heal from such a deep ache is through time, but we can’t always wait. There are times when we need something to help us manage the pain and The Crow might be just what we need.

For a singer-songwriter, the lyrics are paramount. It’s what they work to perfect and make memorable for years to come. Most artists may write a song and put it on social media with an angry message about something happening in their lives, but not all artists have the luxury of being able to dictate how they want their thoughts to be expressed.

“I always wanted to embody myself into the character’s mindset and finish the lyrics the way I always wanted to hear them in their entirety. I started to imagine the words I would have written if I was Eric Draven.

The Crow was a beautiful film – so much sadness and so much longing, so much heart… when I decided to write this song, I wanted to revisit my hearts emotional vault and I wanted the words to belong to the film’s character, Eric Draven, who I imagined to be Dark, poetic, theatrical, daring, passionate and beautiful. ”  

– (Jackie Legos – Vocals/Guitar)

“It Can’t Rain All The Time” – SEVIT

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