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Hollow Moons: The Industrial Music Scene’s Latest Phenomenon

Listening to Mach FoX s Industrial Music Track “Hollow Moons” will make you feel like you’re in Industrial space


Hollow Moons is a new single from Industrial music artist Mach FoX, available now for free on Bandcamp.

The first track on the single, “Hollow Moons” begins with a synth-centred introduction that builds gradually to a thundering drum beat and upbeat synth line.

Giving listeners a sense of unease as they wait for it to break down.

Once the buildup reaches its climax, the song takes on a more experimental nature as it dives into building back up from scratch.

Mach FoX is an Industrial Music EBM artist from Minneapolis, the Midwest USA. Their latest release “Hollow Moons” relies heavily on electronics to create an electronic beat, which is combined with a deep, raw voice. The song addresses feelings of anxiety and uncertainty in this world; referencing political turmoil, natural disasters, and other struggles. The song was released for free via Bandcamp to all fans who would like to enjoy Their music for free.

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