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DHI is back with its first remix EP of new material in 30 years

For three decades, DHI’s music has been the soundtrack to many peoples’ lives. Now, DHI is back with their first remix EP of new material in almost 30 years.

The new EP is called “The Idiot Parade EP” and features remixes of some most iconic tracks.

These are what some consider the band’s signature songs that they’ve played for years on end.

The new album, It’s a Truly Unique Release, is not shy of variety. The 3 electronic industrial stompers are matched by the 3 bangers of the metal-industrial variety.

Death and horror inc., a band hailing from Toronto, has been a favourite of the indie scene for a number of years. their latest EP, The Idiot Parade EP, offers two radically different configurations of “The Idiot Parade”.

  1. The Idiot Parade (Sardonic)
  2. Losing (Desolate)
  3. Chosen Ruler (Shameless)
  4. Chosen Ruler (Mix V2)
  5. Losing (Mix V2)
  6. The Idiot Parade (Virulent)
Vicar: voice, programming, guitar, bass, mixing, mastering, visuals​
Recorded at Scriptorium IV in 2020 & 2021.
Released November 1, 2021

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