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TIGERCIDE brings the chaos and the harmony to their new darkwave single

TIGERCIDE's new single is a darkwave masterpiece

TIGERCIDE is a darkwave band known for their heavy ethereal sound, haunting lyrics, and imagery that borders on the macabre. This past month, the band released their single “I of Tiger.” The song has an eerie build up to it but still maintains an upbeat tempo. Once the song releases, you can feel the intensity of the chords and vocals pushing through your speakers.

The song "I Of Tiger" taps into the soul, reminding us that we are not the only ones feeling the chaos of our external and internal world. The lyrics tell us that "we're all great at forgetting what's right in front of our eyes". It urges listeners to be aware of their choices, stay true to themselves no matter how much the world moves around them, and follow their own path.


Tigercide, formed half a decade ago in LA, gives musical form to this landscape with the ethereal, melancholic vocals of Shexist and the exotic, shadowy, and balanced beats of Saint Brendan.

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