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Dark music scene welcomes the return of the Witch Kings

Since their first release in 2018, The Witch Kings have been long overdue to take the throne of the New York City underground music scene.

their brooding passion has resonated with the darkness that had long been missing. They’ve achieved this success with their first EP “Bloodmoon” to date.

The new single comes out this day

release: 5 October 2021.

A song will always be a masterpiece, but some songs are more than just that. some songs get to the deepest part of you and leave a lasting impression–whether it be a sad memory, a steady heartbeat, or a happy moment. Music is always evolving to match the moods of the people listening. Every song will grab you by the collar and shove you into an uncomfortable place, a place of dark truths and broken dreams.

The Witch King’s sound is a fiery mix of Social Distortion and Bauhaus with the Salted blessings of Johnny Cash. The punk-rock ethos of Social Distortion melds seamlessly with the dark ethereal alienation of Bauhaus, with hints of country legend Johnny Cash. The curse kicks in when you have to fight against your own addiction to this ghastly sound. 


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