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The debut EP from VOICECOIL’s side-project GRAVITY CORPS is out


In November 2021, Mark Sousa, the mastermind behind futurepop band, VOICECOIL, released his debut EP, Zero Grav, under the name GRAVITY CORPS. His sound is a mix of different styles.

It can be described as futurepop, synthwave, industrial and EBM.

The songs are meant to be listened to as a whole, rather than individual tracks. All of the songs deal with different topics. Zero Grav is a celebration of life. His music has been constantly supported by different channels. Thankful for Another Day is a tribute to the simple pleasures in life. Selling Sorrow reflects on the consequences of not accepting one’s true potential. Cold and Elegant is a song about disassociation. Scared to Death focuses on the dangers of technology.

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