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Industrial Metal Band RAZE THE ALTAR Brings Sacrifice To New

Industrial/metal band, with symphonic, death, nu-metal, Industrial influence, RAZE THE ALTAR has just unleashed their self-titled single, “Raze The Altar”. The track will appear on the forthcoming album, Cataclysm Eden due out in October.

The single is an edgy and hard-hitting tune featuring driving guitars and deep, guttural vocals. It’s a fitting introduction to the band’s newest album.

In recent years, the UK metal scene has been a popular destination for listeners worldwide. with bands like Cradle of Filth and Napalm Death leading the way, many other British metal outfits have been gaining popularity, due in no small part to a new wave of kids who prefer a bit more crunch and grit over guitars that sound too perfect. This year the British metal scene has seen an uptick in activity, with many new bands popping up everywhere.

To escape the cycle of abuse, people attempt to become someone who their abuser would see as worthy. When verbal and physical abuse are accepted because it’s what you were born into or because you feel like you deserve it because it’s all you know, the only way to escape is through death. “RAZE THE ALTAR” by Dylan, explores the idea that no one deserves to be sacrificed. The song’s main message is that “everybody deserves better.

RAZE THE ALTAR is a one-man alternative/hybrid metal project that fearlessly blends the genres of its influences. Elements of symphonic, death, nu-metal, Industrial and core metal are stitched together to create an explosive and cinematic sound.

Inspirations for the project come from beloved bands such as Iron Maiden and Metallica as well as more contemporary acts such as Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold.

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