October 21st, Amulet and The Neuro Farm will be performing live

Get ready for a live stream of darkwave gothic rock

The human spirit is strong, but there comes a point where you wonder if it’ll ever be able to go on.

The ache of sorrow and loneliness feels eternal and all-consuming.

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how much more tragedy your heart can take before it breaks.

The band Amulet is a bass-driven dark alternative rock band.

Led by vocalist Stephanie Stryker and bassist MJ Phoenix, the band released its first album “House of Black + White” in April 2021.

The band has been around the Covid time with their most recent album being a debut.

Amulet explains their sound as a combination of moody tones and uptempo tempos to create a unique atmosphere.


On October 21st, Amulet and The Neuro Farm will be releasing darkwave gothic rock material you won’t forget on an exclusive live stream.

For one night only, these two bands will be playing their new songs for the world to enjoy and we can’t wait!

This event is a huge deal not only because of the exclusive tunes but also because this collaboration is something we’ve never seen before.


Special Live Stream Event:  Amulet & The Neuro Farm.  

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