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DEATH CULT 69 // “Join The Cult” Doom Metal

Death Cult 69

So, or something like that, could have been the news: This is a death cult message I received in January of 2022. It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything like it, so I decided to bring it to your attention. Death Cult 69 “This is death cult 69. Do you know what a death cult is? We’re a group of people who have a common goal: to bring down the one you call god. We believe he is an evil, heartless creature who’s hurting millions of people every day, and we want to make sure no one ever has to suffer from the wrath of this evil deity. Our only concern is the people who are suffering right now".

DEATH CULT 69. Doom Metal is played, comparable to Electric Wizard, Ghost, Cough or Candlemass.

DEATH CULT 69 is a Berlin-based Doom metal duo consisting of Konstantin Michaely

(WISBORG / Morgue Poetry) and Luc Lacroix (WISBORG / HAVEN). 

The project began during the pandemic-induced standstill of society as a means to stay sane. The lyrics celebrate death and ecstasy as the ultimate catharsis.

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