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PANIC LIFT Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary with New industrial rock EP

Panic Lift

Industrial Act PANIC LIFT Drops The Introspective & Melancholy, Pieces Part two in a five-part EP series

In 2006, PANIC LIFT was founded and has released music to date. PANIC LIFT has released four full-length albums by METROPOLIS RECORDS, and more than 20 EPs, Remixes, and collaborations featuring JAMES FRANCIS. FRANCIS is accompanied by his band, DAN PLATT (KEYBOARDS) BEN TOURKAN.

NJ Industrial act PANIC LIFT will release the second part of their five-part EP series, Pieces; the sequel to their previous summer release, Split, on December 24, 2021. This record features two new songs. “Disease Of Kings,” a track reflective and morose, and “Failure Principle,” reflecting the inner workings of the human mind, make up both these songs.

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