Darkwave’s 2022 Act VVMPYRE new single, “Offering”, is a homage to cult horror movies; it’s available everywhere right now.

February 14, 2022Darkwave act VVMPYRE begins a new reign in blood in 2022 with a horrific new single “Offering”. Inspired by vampire cults and 70’s cult horror films, ‘Offering’ is a track that personifies the leaders of these cults in an alluring anthem.

VVMPYRE creates a modernized sound with a rekindled inspiration from artists like Sisters Of Mercy and Inkubus Sukkubus.

In a search for the right voice, VVMPYRE reached out to CORLYX singer Caitlin Stokes. VVMPYRE’s twisted imagination is met with a set of lyrics as if the chant to a ceremony to the backdrop of increasingly massive and infectious melodies.

Together with VVMPYRE’s production, “Offering” is a monstrous mix of classic electrogoth, 70’s horror scores, and modern Darkwave to form a bloody anthem that unleashes a barrage of hooks. Brandon Ashley of DTuned Brighton Productions and The Dark adds a gripping guitar to the mix, building the track up further in the chorus and bridge, only equally met by VVMPYRE’s haunting organ melodies.

VVMPYRE’s “Offering” is available NOW on all digital platforms including Bandcamp.



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