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Cat O’Nine’s album ‘Too long at sea’ is a pirate’s treasure

New album by The Cat O'Nine pays tribute to old traditions

The Cat O’Nine new album “Too long at sea” is a tribute to the old traditions of sea shanties, pirate songs and stories of sailors. The German journalists and pirates set out in 2019 on their journey ‘Weit hinaus’ (‚Far beyond’ / Danse Macabre Records) to head for the ports. Too long at sea is in the range of thematic and musical genres even broader than its predecessor, because Cat O’ Nine after almost four years in the current line-up has matured into a solid band. The release of their second album “Too long at sea” will be well worth the wait for listeners who are craving more than just their singles. 


After a long and dangerous journey, the crew who sailed on the ship "Weit hinaus" had finally arrived at their destination. When they got to port they all went to enjoy themselves in order to celebrate such a successful voyage. Once they were loaded up with free food and drinks, they all headed back to their cabins where some of them were sick overnight.

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