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SINE: Breaking the Mold of the Electro-Rock Artist

SINE is an electronic alternative rock band created by singer and drummer Rona Rougeheart.

The band formed in early 2016 and released their first album, “INSOMNIÆ”,”  of that same year. Known for their highly abrasive-yet-infectiously danceable sound, they have only bolstered their place in the scene by officially releasing the “Injected” EP, two singles (one which features the legendary Chris Connelly), and two remixes.


When listening to a news release, there are a few things that listeners look for: a connection with the artist, diversity in sound, and creativity. “Desire, Denial and Paranoia” provides all of these qualities and more. The album is diverse from start to finish not only vocally but production, structure, tone colour, and cadence.

“Virtual Realitease” by SINE off the forthcoming release, Mantis 1 Words + music / RONA ROUGEHEART Mixed / CHARLES GODFREY Recorded / COMA L + SCARY AMERICAN: AUSTIN, TX Video by RONA ROUGEHEART / Filmed at OMENVIEW: AUSTIN, TX by NERY HERNANDEZ

Rogueheart is an artist who has her influences front and centre. The production of her work is impeccable, but she doesn’t fall prey to mimicry or pantomime. She wears her influences openly but still manages to maintain her artistic vision and sensibility. Rogueheart’s art is original and fresh.

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