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Fact Pattern: The Doommetal Group Releases New EP

With the combination of an industrial sound and vocals, Fact Pattern has carved out a unique niche in the music scene. Somewhere between Skinny Puppy and Type O Negative, Fact Pattern has found a disquieting and uneasy way to express their feelings of being at odds With the world.
Fact Pattern’s signature sound is characterized by heavy guitars and bass, metallic samples, lush keyboards, and mechanical beats. The band’s music has been performed alongside internationally renowned artists.

Every time there’s a new piece of music from “Structures” to come out, it’s an event. The EP they released in 2017 was phenomenal, and they only add on to their talent. they started out as a duo and then later became a trio for their 2019 debut full-length release of “Fallen Language.

One of the biggest challenges for musicians is getting their songs out there so people can hear them.
Ian Flux, Jack Lowd, and Corey Hirsch are no different. The Doommetal group has just released their EP titled from Where You’re Hiding on Re:Mission Entertainment.

Fans of the group not only enjoy the music but also enjoy interacting With them on social media.

In the age of social media, the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more relevant. With this in mind, Fact Pattern offers a new perspective on storytelling through lyrical landscapes. Singing about various subjects that populate our world, from films to true crime to history and science, Fact Pattern is interested in exploring what can be done when lyrics go beyond telling a story and become an art form unto themselves.

release date: 11/12/21

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