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Gothic Rock band OCTOBER NOIR just unleashed new Album

Gothic Rock band OCTOBER NOIR just unleashed their highly-anticipated new full-length release, Fate, Wine & Wisteria.

The themes of the album draw upon lust, loss, love, pain. The band has been touted as the best thing to come out of the goth rock movement in recent years, which is saying a lot considering how timeless goth rock bands like Bauhaus, Type O Negative and The Sisters of Mercy are.

Window is the first single off of the new release ” Fate, Wine & Wisteria”.

The video for this song was recently released and has already accumulated over 5000 views on YouTube.

The song is about finding a saviour in the midst of being in a miserable state of being and being able to see that person’s love.
The album kicks off with “Goodbye Black Bird 

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