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Brainsqueezed I Am Not a Robot


“I Am Not a Robot” is Brainsqueezed‘s second full-length album. Sébastien, who wrote and produced all the songs, focused on a more alternative rock production, including more loops and electronic sounds. This new album also gives more space to female vocals and instrumentals. “I am not a robot” includes a diverse set of electric soundscapes influenced by the alternative rock of the ’90s, trip-hop, post-rock and classic rock. The graphic universe is about a robot’s quest that believes it has a soul beyond its artificial intelligence. “I Am Not a Robot” includes 11 songs. It contains the elements representing the universe of Brainsqueezed, which continues to offer a dark alternative rock, including cinematic and electronic ambiences.

On July 23, 2021 Brainsqueezed released melodic, soulful single “My Fears in the Night”, a song about the way fear is a constant companion from childhood onward to adulthood, when it becomes an inner voice. “My Fears in the Night” is accompanied by an official music video courtesy of Blue Cafe Music.

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