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SLIGHTER’s 2021 album V O I D – OUT NOW

June 11, 2021 – Portland, Oregon-based SLIGHTER delivers V O I D, the follow-up to their 2019 album Automata.  V O I D presents SLIGHTER’s most vulnerable and experimental work inside a well-produced theme that feels as topical as it does personal and introspective. SLIGHTER mastermind, Colin C brings a new collection of songs, continuing the atmospheric and moody style he’s known for, captivating the audience with a blend of evolving cinematic electronic sounds.


Help SLIGHTER‘s 2021 album V O I D  get pressed to vinyl! Along with the original 9 album cuts, we’ve included bonus tracks “The Hunt” (featuring MORIS BLAK), “Lights Out” (featuring Craig Joseph Huxtable of Ohm/Front Line Assembly/Noise Unit) – both remastered for vinyl – plus the single “Cold Calculation” and a unreleased reprise of “Burning Embers” making this Limited Edition one of a kind!

This vinyl campaign represents the first time that original music from Colin C’s SLIGHTER project will be pressed to vinyl!
Support the campaign HERE:

Part hypnotic Techno, part Trip Hop, and part Ambient/IDM, Colin provides the vocals for the majority of the album. He is not alone however. Spoken word performances for the record’s most introspective tracks are done by; his partner author and spoken word artist R.A. Desilets.  Also appearing are Florida-based Christy Hannon (of GR^VE) and long-time SLIGHTER collaborator Malakiy (from “Hells Gates” heard on Showtime’s House Of Lies) under his new moniker bodegaBLVCK.


Atmospheric, intense, moody and cinematic are just some of the ways people have described the sound of SLIGHTER.

Over the past 10 years Colin C. has been fine tuning the future of cutting edge Electronic music from his unique vantage point as SLIGHTER. With collaborations on various Metropolis Records releases (see: Front Line Assembly, Trash Deity [My Life With The Thrill Kill Klut side project], Black December [16volt side project] Dark Nouveau Compilation)  coupled with his own album and single releases through his Confusion Inc. branding, Colin has provided fuel for the counter culture without being pinned down to genres.

SLIGHTER has trickled into the mainstream over the years, with songs and remixes featured on television shows with CBS ‘Elementary’ FOX ‘Lethal Weapon’ & ‘Bones’, Showtime ‘House Of Lies’, NBC/Universal ‘Defiance’ & ‘Covert Affairs’ plus more. Nevertheless, he continues to be an independent force working his way across the music world.

Where the line between contemporary and experimental gets crossed, you’ll find SLIGHTER continuing to innovate.


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