Heavy Halo – Black Seed

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY Heavy Halo release “Black Seed”, the first single off their upcoming self-titled album debut album on Negative Gain. “Black Seed” is about the despair and nihilism that grows in us all with repeated exposure to failure. This darkness spreads then radiates outward, corrupting everything we touch. Sonically it echoes back to 90’s grunge and industrial sounds.

Heavy Halo is a Goth-Grunge blood-pact forged in the NYC underground between McKeever and Gosteffects. The band takes the spirit and existential angst of Alternative and Industrial and passes it through the shattered prism of the internet age, refracted and made new. Jagged guitars and raw electronics explode over gut-rattling 808’s. But at their core, Heavy Halo are melody junkies, lacing tracks with shameless hooks and McKeever’s 100% unfiltered vocals.


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