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Giant Waves – TRUTH the New EP

GIANT WAVES is one of the oldest groups from Russia, who makes great mix of post-punk, darkwave and gothic-rock.

“Art is given in order not to die of the truth.” – F. Nietzsche

TRUTH – is the new work by Giant Waves. These are three songs about a completely insane world, where all the original meanings and logic turned into a negative imprint of itself. For us, the inversion of our life became commonplace and customary. Here.. love is a lie, God doesn’t care about us, and people are deaf to each other. TRUTH is a solid canvas about the crisis of faith. TRUTH is the first single to open the upcoming Giant Waves album

Love Is a Lie – is a collab song from the 80s by Nicolas Dufaure of veterans of the French coldwave Little Nemo.

Re Mission – Yes, alas, the world is going to hell and has gone crazy. People are deaf. And this deafness to each other is a bitter fact. No one expects us to take steps towards each other, but if we try to listen to ourselves and others, then this will be the beginning of what is called remission in medicine.

House of prayer – short story about a world where love could be the only moving force, where people try to listen to each other and then God will open his eyes on us.



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released April 15, 2021

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