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Subliminal Code

Subliminal Code was founded by Raúl Junior Padrón and Raúl José Padrón in early 2012 with a strong influence from EBM, industrial, metal, synthpop, goth. This type of mixing helps the band create their unique style of dark Latin electro.

After the debut release on the US label Engraved Ritual (now closed), they signed with Advoxya Records and became

the groundbreaking leader on their list.

Their first full album named “Karma in Mortem” was released in 2014 as single and double cd editions, after the EP

named “Karma in Covers” was released in 2016 that had several metal band performances paying homage. to your


Also the same year “soldier of hell reborn” was re-released an EP with reissues of his first EP.

Now is the time to introduce you to the next step in the development of the band, and their new album “The Cancer

Of The World Is Human Beings”.

With a total of 11 and a second album with 8 remixes by bands such as Noise Resistance, Freaky Mind, Cattac, Tragic

Impulse, Viscera Drip, etc.


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